About Potash Architects

Potash Architects, in practice for over 30 years, is a nationally recognized, fully integrated firm for architecture, interior design and planning. Founded as a private company in 2006 by architect Shmuel Potash who graduated from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in 1975 the firm originates from the partnership Sherman-Potash Architects founded in 1981.

Our multi-disciplinary practice is built upon core values of professional excellence, design quality and partnership. Our ambition is to provide the best solutions for our clients, while taking into consideration the surrounding community and the environment. We take pride in the fact that besides building structures we also build long-lasting relationships with an ever-growing client base.

Centered On People

Our clients are engaged in a multitude of fields, and our projects are designed to support their vital missions. From state-of-the-art laboratories to high-performance classrooms, from governmental institutions to international airports, our work depends on the successful integration of building technology, operational efficiency and aesthetics. We believe that thoughtful design and meticulous planning can enhance our client’s ability to achieve long term success and improve quality of life, whether the end client is a government official, a college professor, a lab researcher, a high-tech engineer, a soldier or a private citizen.

Architecture with people in mind reminds us that every activity we are engaged in should be done with respect for the people we represent, compassion for the lives we touch and concern for the communities we serve.

Building Reationships

Potash Architects offers a wide range of services to suit a variety of needs and requirements, including architectural programs, design concepts, coordination and managements of projects. During the years we have established solid working relationships with various large organizations, such as: the Israel Ministry of Defense, governmental offices, universities and research facilities, Israel Airport Authority and numerous corporations in the private sector in research, technology, logistics and construction.

As architects, designers, planners and consultants, we are proud to partner with our clients and apply our expertise in a wide range of architectural fields. These include public buildings, office towers, educational facilities, academic campuses, military installations, laboratories, logistic centers, R&D and pharmaceutical facilities, hi-tech and biotech industries, as well as residential neighborhoods, high-rise buildings town planning and urban design projects of various scales.

Our work reflects a continuing commitment to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing long-lasting competitive advantage. Through continuous dealing with exceptionally complex projects, we have proven our ability to meet our clients’ objectives regarding timing, budget, functionality and aesthetics.

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