Architectural Design

Years of experience enable us to present our clients with complete architectural design for new buildings or renovation of existing structures. Our architectural design services include:

  • Conceptual design
  • Layout design including detailed equipment and furniture layout
  • Detailed building plans
  • Coordination between various consultants and plan synchronization
  • Specification
  • Bid preparations
  • Overall supervision

Urban Design & Planning

Our firm offers urban design and planning services for civil and military sites. We perform feasibility studies, urban schematic designs, master planning, outline schemes, detailed zoning and layout plans. We also offer urban design process management, as well as coordination of the infrastructure development and associated facility disciplines.

 Building Infrastructure & Systems Integration

  • Analysis of functional requirements for all infrastructure systems
  • Definition of required parameters and right-of-way for all systems
  • Consultant’s guidance and activity coordination
  • Preparation of superposition plans before execution


At Potash Architects we produce programs which correlate with clients’ needs, based upon detailed analysis of their activities, including the possibility of future expansion. Environmental and ecological considerations are taken into account, as well as energy saving. Cost estimates are provided as part of any written program.

 Overall Design Coordination

  • Complete design process management, including subsidiary disciplines
  • Professional direction of the infrastructure systems designers
  • Site supervision with special attention to proposed schedule and cost estimate